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My Tooth Hurts and the Dentist Office Is Closed

Posted on 8/23/2016 by Dr. Andrew Zeiger
A woman suffering from a severe tooth ache.Our teeth don't seem to know when it's proper business hours, and there is nothing worse than tooth pain, a lost filling, or a broken tooth when you know that you can't see a dentist for several hours.

There are some things you can do to temporarily relieve the pain that comes with tooth cavities, fractures, sensitivities or broken fillings.


If you are experiencing a toothache, these steps may help until you can see your dentist.

•  Start with a good brushing and flossing. Sometimes food or plaque can get stuck in places and cause irritation.
•  Rinse your mouth with warm salt water. This technique has been used for a couple of thousand years and is a natural anti-inflammatory. What's more, the salt temporarily increases the pH balance of your mouth, reducing bacteria in your mouth
•  Taking an over the counter medication such as ibuprofen or tylenol may temporarily relieve the pain associated with a toothache.
•  Applying topical gels for oral pain can offer temporary relief. Products such as Orajel, and others like it, can create a numbing effect offering great temporary relief.

Broken Filling

A broken filling can happen at anytime, and it can be very painful when it does. If you experience a broken filling and are unable to get to a dentist immediately, try the following steps:

•  There are over the counter tooth fillers that can be purchased at any pharmacy. These fillers are not a permanent fix, but can last you several days until you can be seen. Be sure to clean the tooth thoroughly before applying, you don't want to seal in food debris or bacteria.
•  In a pinch, regular bubble gum will work to relieve the pain. Sugarfree would be best.
•  Over the counter medication, including ibuprofen or tylenol, can help reduce the pain.

Please contact us if you have any questions about tooth pain.

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