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Dental Fillings
Prescott Valley, AZ

Before and after photo of dental fillings - Dentist Prescott Valley, AZEvery once in a while it’s easy to forget to brush and floss. It happens to all of us – a busy day followed by a busy evening leads to falling asleep on the couch. Before you know it you are late for work and forgot to brush twice! When we miss brushing and flossing a few times a week it’s not too big of a deal. When we forget often and for a long enough periods of time it can really add up and start to take a toll on your oral health. If enough bad bacteria are allowed to congregate on your teeth they can form a cavity. Fillings are what we use to restore areas of your teeth that are affected by cavities.

Reasons for Fillings

Generally there are two reasons to have fillings placed. If you have a small or medium sized cavity that needs to be cleaned out and filled – or if you need front teeth repaired due to chipping or cracking.

The Process of Receiving a Filling

As with any dental procedure at our office, having a filling placed starts by ensuring your comfort and numbing the area around the teeth that we will work on. Once you are comfortable and numb we can begin the process of removing the decayed portions of your teeth. When the decay has been removed entirely we will fill in the tooth with the filling material of your choice.

Composite Fillings

Composite is the most popular filling material on the market today. We specially formulate composite filling mixtures to match the exact color of your teeth to ensure a nearly unnoticeable filling. We also use this material for dental bonding procedures to cover up chips and cracks in the front teeth. Composite material is made of a mix of plastic, glass, and a sticky resin that hardens permanently under a special UV light. These fillings are able to last past ten years.

Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings are what most people picture when they think of dental fillings. They are usually only found in the molars and are silver or metallic in coloration. They are made up of an amalgamation of metals, including tin, silver, and copper. In order to be viable fillings a significant portion of the tooth must be drilled so that the amalgam can gain goo purchase on the tooth. For this reason, amalgam fillings are starting to be phased out in favor of composite and even gold fillings.

Gold Fillings

Gold is a fantastic restoration material because it shares so much in common with natural teeth. Gold feels just like a natural tooth and is able to last extremely long periods of time. Many people enjoy the beautiful aesthetic that gold provides as well. Gold can take a bit longer to craft and be placed on a tooth, but many professionals and patients swear that they make the very best dental restorations.

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