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Replacing Teeth With Dentures - Prescott Valley, AZ

Elderly man with dentures smiling while drinking coffee - Bradshaw Family DentalAt Bradshaw Family Dental, we can create a complete dental restoration with dentures for patients who have no healthy teeth remaining. As a replacement option for missing natural teeth, there are two variations, both partial dentures and complete or full dentures. This can be done in a variety of fashions using crowns, tooth implants, or by anchoring partial dentures to the few remaining healthy teeth present. Dr. Zeiger or Dr. Frausto can discuss the variations with you and help you decide which option would best meet your situation.


Dentures are necessary when a patient has few or no remaining teeth. This may be due to the decay or deterioration of their natural teeth, or due to a significant impact injury. For some of our patients, removal is the only option because the condition of the teeth has deteriorated so far that they can no longer be repaired. Our dentists at Bradshaw Family Dental can council with you concerning your options.


Partial Dentures are a removable dental appliance that allows a patient to replace all of their missing teeth in a single arch with one appliance. It is held in place through tooth colored, metal clasps that grip around strong anchor teeth, which may be remaining healthy teeth or tooth implants. By having the option to have an anchor to attach to, a patient would find this option to be considerably more comfortable versus full dentures.

When considering the placement of a partial denture, there are many factors that we evaluate to determine if you are a candidate for tooth replacement with a partial denture. We will examine the health of your anchor teeth, the option for tooth implants, the health of your gums and the foreseen future of the patient's dental health. We can design your partial denture to allow for the future loss of teeth that we have determined may not be as healthy as the rest. Additionally, there are alternatives to partial dentures include bridges, implants, and occasionally, full dentures.


Our patients love the freedom of a partial denture versus a full denture. What patients need to know includes:
•  Partials can replace multiple missing teeth.
•  Partials need at least two anchors, this can be healthy teeth or dental implants.
•  If partials are an option, this is a considerably more comfortable option over full dentures.


A full or complete denture is a removable dental prosthesis that is designed to replace all of your teeth in a single arch. Dentures consist of white plastic teeth that is set in a pink gum-colored plastic base. It is designed to rest on the patient’s gum ridge, and is held in place through a combination of pressure and an over the counter denture adhesive.

We would like our patients to know that wearing full dentures, either on the upper, lower, or both arches, is a considerable lifestyle change and will feel significantly different than their natural teeth. Dentures will impact the way you speak, the variety of foods you are able to eat, how you feel in social situations, and can even lower your self-esteem. Our dentists, Dr. Zeiger and Dr. Frausto will be able to recommend many alternatives and solutions to you to add to your comfort. With advances in dental technology, implant retained dentures have added considerable comfort, making it a significant option and giving patients both a natural looking smile that is much more functional.


Full Dentures can be a significant life adjustment with many pros and cons. The largest pro is having functional teeth, even if not the most natural feeling. The cons can be the daily life adjustment. Full Dentures:

•  Replace all teeth in a single arch, either upper, lower or both.
•  Dentures can restore a patients ability to chew, which is difficult to do when most or all of your teeth are missing or unhealthy.
•  Dentures can help improve a patients look when they have been missing multiple teeth.
•  Traditional, full dentures, can be a cost effective system for a patient who needs them but is unable to afford more comfortable solutions.


We can make your dentures much more comfortable with dental implants. Using the All on 4 system, we can attach your denture permanently directly to your jawbone using four titanium dental implants. Your full denture will be solidly in place, no loose dentures, no adhesives, no worries.

For more information on partial dentures, full dentures, or implant retained dentures, contact Andrew D. Zeiger, DDS or David Frausto, DDS, at our Prescott Valley, AZ 86314 office. (928) 277-0076

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