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Guided Tissue and Bone Regeneration

model of teeth and gums after tissue and bone regenerationPeriodontal disease can be destructive to both gum tissue and bone. Patients who suffer from chronic periodontitis will find that their gum tissue has receded, and their bone mass has decreased. At Bradshaw Family Dental, we can rebuild the tissue, bulk up the bone, and if needed, prepare the area for restoration with a dental implant. We can help you have the smile you want, increase your ability to properly chew foods and give you the confidence in having a healthy smile.

Guided tissue regeneration, sometimes referred to as guided bone regeneration, is a dental procedure we perform to rebuild lost soft and hard tissue in your mouth. Doing this can help prevent the loss of teeth. Healthy bone and gums provide the support that your teeth need to be firmly in place. By rebuilding and strengthening the bone and gums, we are rebuilding the supporting structure for your teeth.

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is a bacterial infection that many adults suffer from. As gum disease rages, it weakens the tissue that supports your teeth. Gum disease is a result of bacteria in your mouth, bacteria blends with plaque stick to your teeth and can then dip between the teeth and gums where it can be difficult to remove. If you don’t brush and floss regularly to remove plaque, it will harden into a substance known as tartar. Tartar can’t be removed by brushing alone, and because it’s difficult to remove, bacteria can grow and thrive leading to damage to your teeth, gums, and bone.

Guided Tissue Regeneration Process

Guided tissue regeneration is a surgical technique we perform to assist in the rebuilding of damaged tissue and bone. The process includes debridement of diseased tissue, ridge augmentation or bone regeneration. We begin with the removal of diseased tissue, including the source of bacteria. We then work to rebuild the bone with a bone graft procedure. We want to both remove harmful material while inducing a healing response from your tissue. As this healing process is guided, we place a small piece of mesh fabric between the damaged bone and gum to direct the tissue where it should be growing. This will also allow the area to remain undisturbed by unwanted bacteria during the healing process. These steps will encourage the regrowth of bone and healthy connective tissue.

Once healthy tissue and bone have been achieved, we can then move forward in the restoration process with the placement of a single or multiple dental implant rods, followed by the prosthetic specified for tooth replacement. The dental prosthetic may be a dental crown, a bridge, a partial denture or a full denture. All of this information will be discussed before treatment; we will create a treatment plan that begins with healing and ends with restoration based on your needs.

Healthy bone and tissue need to be established before the placement of an implant so that there is sufficient material for the implant to attach. We can help you achieve that tissue through tissue regeneration. Having a healthy smile will improve your look, your comfort, and your overall health.

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